Thinking about trying archery at Racketts?

Archery is a sport that is equally suited to male and female. All beginners training equipment for the recurve discipline is supplied by us at no extra charge. We advise all beginners not to purchase any equipment until they have consulted with their club. Competitions are held regularly within the county for both seniors and juniors.

Over the past, Racketts juniors have been very successful with representation from both genders having been selected to shoot for both the county and England.

We are supportive of The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. Juniors (under age of 18) must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

If you would like to try archery, its easy, just contact us by email.

Do I need to attend 6 consecutive weeks for the beginners course? 
It is beneficial for both club and individual if this is possible.

If I am unable to attend, do I need to let the club know? 
If possible, we would like you to contact us so that we can organise the day.

How much is the beginners course? 
Cost is the same for juniors and seniors, £30 per person for 6 visits.

When can I come to the club? 
Instruction for beginners is only available on a Sunday morning, 10.00-1.00pm. 
During the indoor season, once you become a club member and no longer need supervision, you can also shoot on a Tuesday evening, 7.30-10.00pm

Is it necessary to buy any equipment? 
No. All beginners equipment is supplied.

How soon do I have to buy equipment? 
This will depend on the clubs need for the equipment you are using. 
Beginners equipment is only for an individual to decide if they would like to do archery. Your own equipment will help you progress.

Is it necessary to contact the club before attending? 
Yes. This is to ensure that the people you need to talk to are there.

What are the age limits? 
There is no maximum age. Minimum age for juniors is 11 years old.

How much does the equipment cost? 
Starter packs are around £150. Top of the range equipment can cost over £1000.

How much are club fees? 
Seniors are £80. Juniors £40. Payable in April. If joining during the year it will be worked out on a percentage basis. In addition to club fees you will need to pay GNAS fees in September. See below.

What are GNAS (Grand National Archery Society) Fees? 
This is not a club fee. It is paid to our governing body to ensure individuals have insurance cover. Whatever club you join you will need to pay this. Seniors are £42.50. Juniors £25.50.

Are there any other additional costs? 
No. Shoot fees (a charge each time you shoot) or a charge to shoot indoors is additional to some basic club fees but neither of these apply to us.

All prices shown are correct at time of writing but may vary. Please check with a club member.